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Submitted on
December 20, 2007


  • Mood: Vengeful
  • Listening to: maroon 5
  • Reading: more technical books...
  • Watching: deadliest catch
  • Playing: electric and acoustic guitar with S
  • Eating: xmas cakes
  • Drinking: my old staple: assam tea and cardamom seeds
Been tagged by , another Oz deviant!

The rules

1. Post these rules
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3. Tags should write a journal of these facts
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The facts:

1- I am exactly the same age - to the same day - as John Travolta. But I'm much better looking!

ok,ok, you can stop laughing now, I promise to be serious.  
cross my heart, hope to die!


2- I love photography and have done so since I was 11, when I got my first camera.

3- I love woodworking and woodcarving.  best thing to sooth my nerves when work stresses me out. used to scuba dive a lot. but my hearing won't let me do that now. I still snorkel a lot.

4- an electrical engineer by schooling and a database administrator (20 years) by profession.  trained mostly on the job at many software manufacturers before I went out on my own. now a team leader for Australia and NZ for the largest retail property manager in the world.

5- love all Linux and Unix systems and in general open software, even though I have to cope with mostly Wintel at work.  built all my computers since 1990, except the laptops.

6- been happily married since 1975 and have two gorgeous kids called Sarah and Samuel. We decided to have the kids later in life and enjoy first going out, travelling, etc.  been to the weirdest places in the world.

7- I was born in deepest, darkest Africa - Mozambique - and lived there most of my youth, although my family is one of the oldest in Portugal: traced all the way back to the 1300s and before that to Lion and Burgos in northern Spain. never saw or watched a tv until I was 15 years old: all the places I lived in had no tv.

8- I hate waste in any form, including waste of words.  therefore, and without further ado:

Liz, you're it! :)
Olga, my darling Russian friend: you're in trouble! ;-)
My Polish friend who I'll probably never meet, over to you: tagged!
Angel, I hope to one day be able to visit Regaleira with you: tagged!
Ana: adoro as tuas fotos. Aparece mais! Dá um abraço ao teu pai, k? tagged!
Blu, you were my first friend here.  tagged, linda! :)
I wish my Mum had been as cool as you are, top sheila. tagged!
Robyn, you have been a great inspiration and support. Thank you and: tagged! :)
mazmoore Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Excellent work ... but I have to ??? "assam tea and cardamom seeds" ... eeeeeeeeeek.

My son would appreciate your comments re Linux - he runs his computer on ubunto (did I spell that right) and only ';puts up with Windows' so he can play certain games ... otherwise he is an open-software freak too .. he is studying to be a software engineer ... :glomp: :hug: :santa:
wizofoz2k Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
try it!
it's lovely.
get the cardamom seeds from the supermarket spices rack,
pick 3 or 4 only per cuppa, let it brew for as long
as the tea leaves themselves, then sweeten to taste.

bliss! :)

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